Over 90% of companies raised salaries in 2022, 70% affected by new minimum wage, says MEF


In 2022, 93% of Malaysian employers granted salary increases, which was a significant increase compared to 2021, when only 65.2% of employers do so for their executive and 66.4% do so for their non-executives.

2022 年,93% 的马来西亚雇主同意加薪,与 2021 年相比有了显着增长,2021年只有 65.2% 的雇主同意给高管加薪,66.4%的雇主同意给非高管加薪。


This was revealed in the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) Salary Surveys for Executives and Non-Executives 2022, which was unveiled on 23rd November. The survey revealed that the average salary increase for executives was 5.26% while for non-executives, the average was 5.35%.

马来西亚雇主联合会(MEF)于 11 23 日公布的 2022 年行政人员和非行政人员薪资调查揭示了这一点。调查显示,行政人员的平均加薪幅度为 5.26%,而非执行人员的平均增幅为5.35%


In terms of forecasted salary increase for 2023, the survey indicated a 5.44% increase for executives and 5.43% for non-executives,” said MEF president Datuk Dr Syed Hussain Syed Husman, who launched the 28th edition of the surveys.

MEF主席Datuk Dr Syed Hussain Syed Husman博士发起了第28次调查,他说:“就2023年的预期工资增长而言,调查显示高管和非高管的工资分别增长了5.44%5.43%。”


Approximately 90% of the surveyed companies attributed employees’ performance as the main criteria for determining executive and non-executive salary increases. The MEF Salary Survey also showed that more than 80% of the respondent companies granted bonuses in 2022,” said Syed Hussain during the launch.

“大约 90% 的受访公司将员工绩效作为决定高管和非高管加薪的主要标准。MEF 薪酬调查还显示,超过 80% 的受访公司在 2022 年发放了奖金,”Syed Hussain 在发布会上表示。


The forecast for bonuses in 2023 for executives is 2.18 months, which was higher than the actual bonus in 2022 of 2.06 months, and for non-executives, the 2023 forecast for bonuses is 2.06 months, which was also higher than the actual bonus in 2022 of 1.77 months, he said.

高管2023年奖金预测为2.18个月,高于2022年实际奖金2.06个月,非高管2023年奖金预测为2.06个月,也高于2022年实际奖金1.77 个月,他说。


Meanwhile, 70% surveyed companies were affected by the new minimum wage as compared to 29.7% that were not affected due to having already implemented it in May 2022.

与此同时,70% 的受访公司受到新最低工资的影响,而 29.7% 的公司因已于 2022 5 月实施而未受影响。


The increase in salaries depends on workers’ performance, as well as the financial performance of the companies, said MEF executive director Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan.

MEF执行董事Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan说,薪金的增加取决于工人的表现,以及公司的财务表现。


"Many employers now use appraisal for increment to each employment," he said.



MEF also reported on the Minimum Wages Order 2022 in its surveys, and 53.4% of the respondent companies anticipated an increase in salary or wages cost.



"There are employers that have paid above RM1,500 as of 1st May," said Shamsuddin. "That is why they are not affected as much by the minimum wage.”

Shamsuddin说:“截至 5 1 日,有些雇主已支付超过 1,500 令吉。” “这就是他们不受最低工资标准影响的原因。”


He added that minimum wage will only affect employers that paid their employees lower than RM1,500 a month.



According to MEF, on company measures to cope with the minimum wage, the survey showed that 59.7% reduced their operating expenses, followed by increasing prices of products and services (48.8%), implementing cost-cutting measures (43.8%), and shift to technology-intensive production (36.8%).



The MEF Salary Survey for Executives was participated by 252 companies from manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors.

来自制造业和非制造业的 252 家公司参与了 MEF 高管薪酬调查。


Meanwhile, the MEF Salary Survey for Non-executives 2022 has 250 member companies.

同时,MEF 2022 年非执行人员薪酬调查有 250 家成员公司。