Tourism Malaysia expects higher tourist arrivals under new Govt


Tourism Malaysia expects a surge in tourist arrivals, especially from Asean and European countries, under the leadership of the new Government.



Tourism Malaysia’s domestic and event division senior director Iskandar Mirza Mohd Yusof said that for now, the agency will continue with all the plans that have been arranged, such as encouraging domestic tourism and holding international promotions.

马来西亚旅游局国内和活动部门高级总监Iskandar Mirza Mohd Yusof表示,目前,该机构将继续执行所有已安排的计划,例如鼓励国内旅游和举办国际促销活动。


At the same time, we will continue organising physical exhibitions. The resumption of international flights to Malaysia, such as KLM and Turkish Airlines, also had a positive impact on tourist arrivals,” he told reporters after officiating at the Jom Cuti-Cuti Malaysia 2022 Roadshow at a shopping mall here on 26th November.

“与此同时,我们将继续举办实体展览,恢复飞往马来西亚的国际航班,如荷兰皇家航空公司和土耳其航空公司,也对游客人数产生了积极影响,“他在11 26 日在马来西亚一家购物中心主持 Jom Cuti-Cuti Malaysia 2022 路演后告诉记者。


Meanwhile, Iskandar Mirza, who is also Tourism Malaysia’s deputy director of planning, expects that over RM1 million could be generated from the three-day Jom Cuti-Cuti Malaysia 2022 Roadshow, which started on 26th November.

与此同时,马来西亚旅游局规划副总监的Iskandar Mirza Mohd Yusof预计,1126日开始的为期三天的 Jom Cuti-Cuti Malaysia 2022 路演可以带来超过 100 万令吉的收入。


He added that tourism receipts in eight previous events, including in Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Kuala Lumpur, Kelantan and Johor, were very encouraging, amounting to RM8.03 million.

他补充说,包括霹雳州、森美兰州、吉隆坡、吉兰丹州和柔佛州在内的前八场赛事的旅游收入非常令人鼓舞,达到 803 万令吉。


In Melaka, 30 industry players comprising product operators, travel agencies, hotels and theme parks are participating in the roadshow to offer tour packages, accommodation and entry tickets at a special price,” he said.

“在马六甲,包括产品运营商、旅行社、酒店和主题公园在内的 30 家行业参与者正在参加路演,以特价提供旅游配套、住宿和门票,”他说。