National Energy Awards 2022 drives more sustainable breakthrough from local industries


The National Energy Awards (NEA) 2022, which aligns with Malaysia's goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050, continues to increase industry participation and awareness of sustainable energy practices, adhering to international standards.

2022 年国家能源奖 (NEA) 符合马来西亚到 2050 年实现碳中和的目标,继续提高行业参与度和对可持续能源实践的认识,并遵守国际标准。


In recognising forward-thinking sustainable concepts and practices for Malaysia's leading business figures in renewable energy, energy management, and energy efficiency sectors, 12 groups were chosen as NEA winners of the 20 awards in three categories of Energy Management, Energy Efficient Building, Renewable Energy, and Special Awards.

为表彰马来西亚在可再生能源、能源管理和能源效率领域的领先商业人物具有前瞻性的可持续概念和实践,12 个团体被选为能源管理、节能建筑、可再生能源三个类别的 20 个奖项的 NEA 获奖者和特别奖。


Energy and Natural Resources Minister Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan said the NEA will encourage more local businesses and corporations to embrace the new norm in the electricity industry.

能源和自然资源部长Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan表示,国家能源局将鼓励更多本地企业和公司接受电力行业的新规范。


“I hope that NEA will continue to play its role in identifying Malaysian organisations that can spearhead the development of local and regional sustainable energy sector. These achievements have also illustrated Malaysia's efforts in driving the sustainable energy agenda.

我希望 NEA 将继续发挥其作用,确定可以带头发展本地和区域可持续能源部门的马来西亚组织。这些成就也说明了马来西亚在推动可持续能源议程方面所做的努力。


“I am pleased that 22 most outstanding submissions for NEA 2022 have been selected to represent Malaysia at the Asean Energy Awards 2022, in which its result will be announced virtually on 15th September,” he was quoted as saying in a statement issued by NEA on Wednesday (14th September).

我很高兴 NEA 2022 的 22 项最杰出的提交被选中代表马来西亚参加 2022 年东盟能源奖,其结果将在 9 月 15 日几乎宣布,”他9月14日在 NEA 发表的一份声明中引用他的话说。


The minister said this is also consistent with Malaysia's vision of reducing the country's reliance on carbon-based fossil fuels, while developing alternative renewable energy resources and will essentially put Malaysia on a path toward cleaner energy, in line with international standards.



With the support of NEA 2022, the nation is one step closer to achieving the objectives outlined in the Malaysia Renewable Energy Roadmap (MyRER), which futureproofs the country’s energy sector, which aligns with Malaysia’s goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050.

在NEA 2022的支持下,该国距离实现马来西亚可再生能源路线图(MyRER)中概述的目标又近了一步,该路线图为该国的能源部门提供了未来,这与马来西亚到2050年实现碳中和的目标一致。


Spearheaded by Energy and Natural Resources Ministry, NEA is an award that recognises forward-thinking sustainable concepts and practices for Malaysia's leading business figures in the renewable energy, energy management and energy efficiency sectors.

NEA 由能源和自然资源部牵头,是一个奖项,旨在表彰马来西亚可再生能源、能源管理和能源效率领域的领先商业人物具有前瞻性的可持续概念和实践。


The fifth edition of the NEA saw winners in Category 1 (Energy Management), with Medivest Sdn Bhd taking home the award for energy management for large buildings at Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah HPSF, while CSC Steel Sdn Bhd won the energy management for an industry award for their energy management towards efficient and sustainable process operations.

第五届 NEA 获得了第 1 类(能源管理)的获奖者,Medivest Sdn Bhd 获得了医院 Pakar Sultanah Fatimah HPSF 的大型建筑能源管理奖,而 CSC Steel Sdn Bhd 获得了能源管理行业奖以实现高效和可持续的过程操作的能源管理。


Other categories, such as Category 2 (Energy Efficient Building), saw BGreen Consultancy come out on top for green building large type at Kepong's Tzu Chi Si Hall, while Kompleks Sukan Astaka, Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) won the zero-carbon green building category.

其他类别,例如类别 2(节能建筑),BGreen Consultancy 在甲洞慈济会馆的绿色建筑大型类别中名列前茅,而 Kompleks Sukan Astaka、Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) 则获得了零碳绿色建筑类。


Concord Green Energy won first place in the Renewable Energy category for their project, Concord FGV Keratong 2 Biogas Plant: The R&D Centre of Excellence. Tenaga Nasional Bhd also won the on-grid local grid type for its PV and mini hydro project on Pulau Tioman.

Concord Green Energy 的项目 Concord FGV Keratong 2 沼气厂:卓越研发中心赢得了可再生能源类别的第一名。Tenaga Nasional Bhd 还为其位于刁曼岛的光伏和小型水电项目赢得了并网本地电网类型。


According to the statement, winners of Categories 1 and 2 represented Malaysia at the Asean Energy Awards (AEA), while winner of the Special Awards in the Sustainable Energy Financing Category will be announced at the NEA 2022 Awards Ceremony, scheduled for March 2023.

根据声明,第 1 类和第 2 类的获奖者代表马来西亚参加东盟能源奖(AEA),而可持续能源融资类别特别奖的获奖者将在定于 2023 年 3 月举行的 NEA 2022 颁奖典礼上宣布。


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