WTPO Awards victory proves MATRADE on right path in boosting exports


The Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation's (MATRADE) victory at the 2022 World Trade Promotion Awards during the World Trade Promotion Organisations (WTPO) Conference and Awards in Ghana recently, proves the agency is on the right track in bolstering Malaysian exports.

马来西亚对外贸易发展公司(MATRADE)最近在加纳举行的世界贸易促进组织(WTPO)会议和颁奖典礼上赢得 2022 年世界贸易促进奖,证明该机构在支持马来西亚出口。


Chief executive officer Mohd Mustafa Abdul Aziz said the winning also reflects the international recognition of MATRADE’s efforts in digitalisation initiatives to develop innovative and effective programmes.

首席执行官 Mohd Mustafa Abdul Aziz 表示,此次获奖也反映了国际对 MATRADE 在数字化举措中努力开发创新和有效计划的认可。


"Such approach had placed MATRADE as the country’s trendsetter and first mover in spearheading the momentum for Malaysian exporters, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to embrace digitalisation in their trade promotion activities," Mohd Mustafa said in a statement 20th May.

Mohd Mustafa 在5 月 20 日的一份声明中说:“这种方法使 MATRADE 成为该国的潮流引领者和先行者,引领马来西亚出口商,特别是中小型企业(SME)在其贸易促进活动中采用数字化的势头。” .


MATRADE was announced as the winner of “Best Use of Information Technology” category at the 13th WTPO Conference and Awards held in Accra, Ghana, on 17th May, 2022. The agency was recognised for its initiative in organising the first fully virtual edition of the 17th Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) in 2021.

MATRADE 于 2022 年 5 月 17 日在加纳阿克拉举行的第 13 届 WTPO 会议和颁奖典礼上被宣布为“最佳信息技术使用”类别的获奖者。该机构因组织首个完全虚拟版本的2021年第17届马来西亚国际清真展(MIHAS)。


The Geneva-based International Trade Centre (ITC), in a statement, said the digitalisation of MIHAS 2021 allowed SME exports in the halal industry to continue growing, despite disruptions caused by the pandemic. 

总部位于日内瓦的国际贸易中心 (ITC) 在一份声明中表示,尽管大流行造成了干扰,但 MIHAS 2021 的数字化使清真行业的中小企业出口继续增长。


It said the virtual showcase has opened up new markets and made business connections more convenient and cost-effective.



Commenting further, Mohd Mustafa said the recognition by the ITC is a resounding testament of MATRADE’s capabilities as a world-class national trade promotion agency. 

Mohd Mustafa 进一步评论说,ITC 的认可是 MATRADE 作为世界级国家贸易促进机构能力的有力证明。


Leveraging the digital transformation, MATRADE has undertaken numerous initiatives to ensure business continuity for Malaysian exporters by conducting virtual and hybrid trade promotion programmes such as trade fairs, export acceleration missions, virtual business meetings (eBizMatch), and webinars.

利用数字化转型,MATRADE 采取了多项举措,通过开展虚拟和混合贸易促进计划,如贸易展览会、出口加速任务、虚拟商务会议 (eBizMatch) 和网络研讨会,确保马来西亚出口商的业务连续性。


“In accordance with the digital initiatives by the government through MATRADE in enhancing Malaysia’s trade competitiveness and exports value, the Integrated Trade Events Platform and Single Information Portal for Exports are being developed after the proposal was approved by the Economic Action Council chaired by the Prime Minister last year. 

根据政府通过 MATRADE 提高马来西亚贸易竞争力和出口价值的数字举措,在由总理主持的经济行动委员会批准提案后,正在开发综合贸易活动平台和单一出口信息门户网站去年。


Both initiatives will lead to an accelerated adoption of digitalisation, through the establishment of digital business platforms, in tandem with the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP) strategic directions," Mustafa said.

这两项举措将通过建立数字业务平台,与第十二个马来西亚计划(12MP)战略方向同步,加速数字化的采用,” Mustafa说。


The WTPO Awards and Conference was organised by the ITC, a joint agency of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations. Held every two years, the ITC collaborates with a national Trade Promotion Organisation to host this event.

WTPO 颁奖和会议由世界贸易组织 (WTO) 和联合国的联合机构 ITC 组织。每两年举办一次,ITC 与国家贸易促进组织合作举办此活动。


“The main theme at the 13th WTPO is about sustainability and how innovation, as well as digitalisation can lead to sustainable export development and promotion,” said MATRADE deputy chief executive officer (exporters development) Abu Bakar Yusof, who represented MATRADE at the award ceremony.

第 13 届 WTPO 的主题是关于可持续性以及创新和数字化如何导致可持续出口发展和促进,”MATRADE 副首席执行官(出口商发展)Abu Bakar Yusof 表示,他在颁奖典礼上代表 MATRADE .


“The award reflects a comprehensive digitalisation initiative that MATRADE undertakes, and MIHAS is the evident. MATRADE swiftly pivoted to digital platforms to ensure business continuity amid the pandemic,” he said.

该奖项反映了 MATRADE 开展的一项全面的数字化计划,而 MIHAS 就是显而易见的。 MATRADE 迅速转向数字平台,以确保大流行期间的业务连续性,”他说。


The theme for the WTPO Awards 2022 was “Bold Solutions for Resilience and Recovery”.

2022 年 WTPO 奖的主题是“韧性和恢复的大胆解决方案”。


The event is held biennially and this year’s event is guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It outlines the efforts of trade and investment organisations in addressing business survival and competitiveness, and supports trade-led growth, while serving their communities and protecting the planet.