Malaysia to post 30-45% recovery in air passenger traffic from pre-pandemic levels

Malaysia's air passenger traffic this year is forecast to increase between 197 % and 347 % year-on-year (YoY), representing between 32.6 million and 49 million passengers, according to Transport Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong.
根据交通部长拿督斯里魏家祥的说法,今年马来西亚的航空客运量预计将同比增长 197% 至 347%,即 3260 万至 4900 万乘客。

These marked a 30 % to 45 % recovery from the pre-pandemic air passenger traffic levels in 2019, he said in his opening statement at a panel discussion titled, “Reviving Aviation, Rebuilding Connections” at the Changi Aviation Summit 2022 (CAS 2022). 
他在 2022 年樟宜航空峰会 (CAS 2022) 上题为“重振航空,重建联系”的小组讨论会上说,这标志着 2019 年航空客运量从大流行前水平恢复了 30% 至 45%。

Wee is here at the invitation of the Singapore government. 

On air cargo traffic for 2022, Wee said it is projected to grow between 3.9 % and 6.7 % YoY, which translates into 21.5 billion to 22 billion freight tonne kilometres, underpinned by the progress of vaccination programme, strong growth of e-commerce, as well as increased activities in international trade -- imports and exports.
关于 2022 年的航空货运量,魏表示,由于疫苗接种计划的进展、电子商务的强劲增长,预计 2022 年的航空货运量将同比增长 3.9% 至 6.7%,即 215 亿至 220 亿货运吨公里,以及国际贸易活动的增加——进出口。

For a smooth and full recovery, Wee recommended that health protocols imposed for air travel must be consistent, simpler, and more predictable. 

Some measures, he said, required further considerations, namely allowing vaccinated passengers to travel without additional measures; using pre-departure antigen tests for non-vaccinated passengers; and avoiding on-arrival testing.

Others included removing travel bans and accelerating the ease of travel restrictions in cognizance of the fact that travellers pose no greater risk of COVID-19 infection than what has already been in existence in the general population.
其他措施包括取消旅行禁令和加快放宽旅行限制,因为他们认识到旅行者感染 COVID-19 的风险并不比普通人群中已经存在的风险更大。

After delivering his opening statement, Wee joined the discussions with fellow panelists and speakers.

They were Indonesia’s Minister of Transport  Budi Karya Sumadi, European Commission director-general for mobility and transport Henrik Hololei, Singapore Airlines chief executive officer (CEO) Goh Choon Phong, and Airports Company South Africa CEO Nompumelelo Z.Mpofu.
他们是印度尼西亚交通部长 Budi Karya Sumadi、欧盟委员会交通运输总干事 Henrik Hololei、新加坡航空公司首席执行官 (CEO) Goh Choon Phong 和机场公司南非首席执行官 Nompumelelo Z.Mpofu。

Wee noted that the civil aviation sector must build confidence between governments, industry, and air travellers, as well as entities beyond the aviation sector such as health and immigration authorities. 

"The removal of quarantine and onerous tests for COVID-19 certainly helps to raise confidence among travellers," he said.
他说:“取消对 COVID-19 的隔离和繁重的测试肯定有助于提高旅行者的信心。”

Malaysia, he said, has done well in keeping up with the engagements among the various aviation and health stakeholders on these issues so as to identify problems and devise solutions. 

Eventually, he said Malaysia's implementation of the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) initiative with Singapore, Cambodia, and Thailand was a major part of their efforts to address travellers’ expectations and regain their confidence to travel by air.

"Moving forward, we must also pursue digitalisation and sustainability in airport and aviation operations as the key to building resilience in the civil aviation industry for the future," said Wee.

Citing statistics, as at 29th March, 2022 prior to the reopening of Malaysia’s borders, Wee revealed that out of a total of 115,646 passengers arriving in Malaysia under the VTL, only 7,923, or less than 7.0 %, were detected with COVID-19-positive cases upon arrival. 
引用统计数据,截至 2022 年 3 月 29 日马来西亚边境重新开放之前,魏透露,在根据 VTL 抵达马来西亚的总共 115,646 名乘客中,只有 7,923 人或不到 7.0% 被检测到 COVID-19 - 抵达时的阳性病例。

These statistics were vital in guiding the Government’s decision to reopen Malaysia’s borders and further helped to build confidence and public support for Malaysia’s reopening to all international travellers on 1st April 2022.
这些统计数据对于指导政府重新开放马来西亚边境的决定至关重要,并进一步帮助建立信心和公众支持马来西亚于 2022 年 4 月 1 日重新向所有国际旅行者开放。

The inaugural CAS 2022 gathers 300 global aviation leaders, policymakers, and senior executives from more than 45 countries.
首届 CAS 2022 汇聚了来自超过 45 个国家/地区的 300 位全球航空业领袖、政策制定者和高级管理人员。