Malaysia’s labour market momentum escalated in Q1 2022


Malaysia’s labour market momentum escalated in Q1 2022

马来西亚的劳动力市场势头在 2022 年第一季度升级


Malaysia’s labour market momentum escalated in the first quarter of 2022 (Q1 2022) as both demand and supply ascended further, according to the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM).

根据马来西亚统计局(DOSM)的数据,随着需求和供应进一步上升,马来西亚的劳动力市场势头在 2022 年第一季度(2022 年第一季度)升级。


Commenting on the release of the Labour Market Review, First Quarter 2022 (LMR Q1 2022) today, Chief Statistician Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Uzir Mahidin said since the beginning of this year, the government had continued to lift the COVID-19 containment measures implemented for the past two years as all the states had shifted into the final phase of National Recovery Plan (NRP).

首席统计师拿督斯里 Mohd Uzir Mahidin 博士在评论今天发布的 2022 年第一季度劳动力市场评论(LMR Q1 2022)时说,自今年年初以来,政府继续取消针对 COVID-19 实施的遏制措施在过去的两年里,所有州都进入了国家恢复计划 (NRP) 的最后阶段。


“More people proceed to conduct business and social activities while ensuring compliance to the standard operating procedures, thus prompting a rise in people’s mobility within and across the states.



“The flurries of socioeconomic activities continued throughout the quarter as things had practically resumed some semblance of normalcy. Therefore, the economy expanded by 5.0 % in the first quarter of 2022 after posting a growth of 3.6 % in the previous quarter,” he said in a statement.

“随着事情实际上恢复了一些表面上的正常状态,整个季度的社会经济活动仍在继续。因此,在上一季度增长 3.6% 之后,经济在 2022 年第一季度增长了 5.0%,”他在一份声明中说。


From the perspective of labour supply in the first quarter of 2022, Mohd Uzir said the number of employed persons edged up by 2.2 % to register 15.57 million persons as against the same quarter of preceding year which recorded 15.24 million persons.

从 2022 年第一季度的劳动力供应来看,Mohd Uzir表示,就业人数微升 2.2%,达到 1557 万人,而去年同期为 1524 万人。


On the other hand, the number of unemployed persons reduced further by 13.0 % to 671,200 persons (Q1 2021: 771,800) while the unemployment rate stood at 4.1 % after declining by 0.7 % (Q1 2021: 4.8 %).

另一方面,失业人数进一步减少 13.0% 至 671,200 人(2021 年第一季度:771,800 人),而失业率在下降 0.7 个百分点(2021 年第一季度:4.8%)后保持在 4.1%。


A larger magnitude of employment growth than the decrease in unemployment led the number of labour force to ascend by 1.5 % to 16.25 million persons in this quarter.

就业增长幅度大于失业率下降幅度,导致本季度劳动力人数增加 1.5%,达到 1625 万人。


Thus, the labour force participation rate (LFPR) improved 0.4 % to 69.0 % (Q1 2021: 68.6 %).

因此,劳动力参与率(LFPR)提高了 0.4 个百分点,达到 69.0%(2021 年第一季度:68.6%)。


“Although this was the highest LFPR registered since first quarter of 2020, the rate was slightly lower by 0.1 % (than that) recorded in the fourth quarter of 2019 which was the quarter before the COVID-19 outbreak,” he said.

“尽管这是自 2020 年第一季度以来登记的最高 LFPR,但该比率略低于 2019 年第四季度(即 COVID-19 爆发前的季度)记录的 0.1 个百分点,”他说。


Given that the whole country was in the final phase of the NRP from January 2022, he said Malaysia's labour market in the first quarter of 2022 improved considerably as compared to the same quarter in 2021.

鉴于从 2022 年 1 月起,整个国家都处于 NRP 的最后阶段,他说,与 2021 年同期相比,马来西亚 2022 年第一季度的劳动力市场显着改善。


“The labour market also indicated a better situation compared to the preceding quarter albeit at a slower pace.



“As social and economic activities continue to normalise throughout the second quarter of 2022, it is expected to stimulate the labour market situation in terms of increasing demand by the industry and continuous decline in the number of unemployed,” he added.

他补充说:“随着整个 2022 年第二季度社会和经济活动继续正常化,预计将在行业需求增加和失业人数持续下降方面刺激劳动力市场形势。”