Fewer, costlier durians in Malaysia as production hit by heavy rain


Fans of durian can expect to pay more as erratic weather has caused a slowdown in the production of the king of fruits, according to industry players in Malaysia.



They said the production of the fruit has reduced by about 70 to 80% this time.    

他们说,这次水果的产量减少了约 70% 至 80%。


Durian consultant Lim Chin Kee said that with an ever-increasing demand amid low supply, prices are expected to increase by at least 20 to 30% in the coming season.

榴莲顾问 Lim Chin Kee 表示,在供应不足的情况下需求不断增加,预计下一季榴莲价格将上涨至少 20% 至 30%。


“Prices are expected to be higher than usual, mainly due to the weather,” he told CNA.

“预计价格将高于平时,主要是由于天气原因,”他告诉 CNA。


Mr Lim, who owns a farm in Raub, Pahang, said durian trees need a minimum of 14 days of dry weather for their flowers to start blooming.  

在彭亨州劳勿拥有一个农场的林先生说,榴莲树需要至少 14 天的干燥天气才能开始开花。


With incessant rain, there would be vegetative growth but no flowering on the trees, he said.



“The new leaves will cause the abortion of flowers. It has been raining too much,” he said, adding that production of fruits has reduced by 70% compared to last year.

“新叶会导致花朵流产。雨太大了,”他说,并补充说水果产量与去年相比减少了 70%。


There is also a high demand for the fruit from China, Mr Lim said, and it only makes sense that durians are sent to a market that gives a better price.



China is Malaysia’s main destination for exported durians, followed by Singapore and Hong Kong.  Other reasons contributing to the higher durian prices are the steep increase in the fertiliser costs and the recent devastating floods, according to Mr Lim. 



Durian farmers are selling Musang King to middlemen at RM60 (US$13.70) to RM70 per kilogram, whereas last year it was about RM45 per kilogram, he said.

他说,榴莲农民以每公斤 60 令吉(13.70 美元)至 70 令吉的价格向中间商出售猫山王,而去年约为每公斤 45 令吉。


The Black Thorn variety, meanwhile, costs about RM80 per kilogram this year, up from RM70 per kilogram last year, he added.

他补充说,与此同时,黑刺品种今年的价格约为每公斤 80 令吉,高于去年的每公斤 70 令吉。


According to Malaysia’s Department of Statistics, the per capita consumption of durian by Malaysians was 11.1kg in 2020.



The current weather patterns have not only affected planters of durians, but also growers of other fruits, said Pahang Fruit Farmers Association president Melissa Yap.   

彭亨果农协会主席Melissa Yap.说,目前的天气模式不仅影响了榴莲的种植者,也影响了其他水果的种植者。


“It is affecting everyone, but it is something we can’t control,” she said, adding that there were also reports of insects affecting the durian trees.  




榴莲季节推迟到 10 月:协会主席


Mr Mohd Ali Hanafiah, an officer from the Raub Department of Agriculture (DOA), said a smaller harvest is expected in the coming months due to the unpredictable weather.

劳勿农业部(DOA)官员 Mohd Ali Hanafiah 表示,由于天气不可预测,预计未来几个月的收成会减少。

“If the weather in May is good, we could get a harvest in November. For now, it is hard to estimate. The weather has been a challenge for the farmers,” he said, adding that it takes about 150 days from flowering to the ripening of the fruit.

“如果五月的天气好,我们可以在十一月收获。目前,很难估计。天气对农民来说是一个挑战,”他说,并补充说从开花到果实成熟大约需要 150 天。


Raub, a town in Pahang, is one of the main areas for the production of durian in Malaysia.



Malaysian Durian Exporters Association president Sam Tan told CNA that the typical durian season around June and July would be delayed because of the weather.

马来西亚榴莲出口商协会会长 Sam Tan 告诉 CNA,由于天气原因,6 月和 7 月左右的典型榴莲季节将被推迟。


He estimated a decrease of almost 80% in production this season.

他估计本季产量下降近 80%。


“It usually starts to get hot in January but this year, it has always been raining. The season will be delayed to October and prices are expected to go down then. There will still be durian in June, but little compared to usual,” he said.    

“通常在一月份开始变热,但今年一直在下雨。“产季将推迟到 10 月,预计届时价格会下跌。 6月份仍有榴莲,但与往常相比很少,”他说。


He said that prices will be about 30% higher than usual, with the IOI variety costing about RM 30 per kilogram, compared to about RM22 last year.

他说,价格将比平时高出约 30%,IOI 品种的价格约为每公斤 30 令吉,而去年约为 22 令吉。


Sam Tan predicted that the costs of durian will go down in a few years, as many people had started to grow durian in the past several years.

Sam Tan预测,榴莲的成本将在几年内下降,因为过去几年很多人开始种植榴莲。


“There will be a huge supply in the coming years as the newly planted trees will be able to produce fruit,” he said.