Tengku Zafrul: Budget 2023 to focus on maintaining recovery momentum

image-20220801105721-1Budget 2023 will focus on maintaining the current economic recovery momentum and continuing reforms to improve socio-economic resilience, said Finance Minister Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz.

财政部长 Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz 表示,2023 年预算案将专注于维持当前的经济复苏势头和继续改革以提高社会经济弹性。


He said the priorities included developing people-centric initiatives, particularly those that improve the socio-economic wellbeing of the people; creating a conducive business environment, including improving the competitiveness and productivity of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) while driving a more inclusive and sustainable development model to support economic growth.

他说,优先事项包括制定以人为本的举措,特别是那些改善人民社会经济福祉的举措;创造有利的商业环境,包括提高中小企业 (SME) 的竞争力和生产力,同时推动更具包容性和可持续的发展模式,以支持经济增长。


“Budget 2023 will also focus on improving the effectiveness of public service delivery and enhancing the ease of doing business as an important enabler in driving the nation’s development,” he said in his keynote address at Credit Guarantee Corp Malaysia Bhd’s Financial Institutions/Development Financial Institutions & SME Awards 2021 on 29th July.

“2023年预算还将专注于提高公共服务交付的有效性和提高营商便利性,作为推动国家发展的重要推动力,”他在马来西亚信用担保公司的金融机构/发展金融机构的主题演讲中说& SME Awards 2021 将于7 月 29 日举行。


Tengku Zafrul said reforms are critical to enhance Malaysia’s resilience to future shocks.

Tengku Zafrul 表示,改革对于增强马来西亚抵御未来冲击的能力至关重要。


“Furthermore, to become a high-income nation in the future, we must take steps to remain relevant and competitive, particularly in the face of uncertainties and new challenges,” he said.



The minister said that to secure the nation’s economic recovery and future resilience, the Ministry of Finance must ensure that Budget 2023 will leverage the strong recovery momentum seen in the first half of this year, and capitalise on global growth and opportunities to secure Malaysia’s post-Covid recovery.

部长表示,为确保国家经济复苏和未来的复原力,财政部必须确保 2023 年预算案将利用今年上半年的强劲复苏势头,并利用全球增长和机会来确保马来西亚的新冠肺炎康复。


"Other steps that must be taken include strengthening Malaysia’s economic and fiscal resilience in 2023 and beyond, while also managing downside risks such as geopolitical tensions and disrupted supply chains that have significantly increased global commodity and food prices," he said.

他说:“必须采取的其他步骤包括在 2023 年及以后加强马来西亚的经济和财政弹性,同时管理下行风险,例如地缘政治紧张局势和供应链中断,这些导致全球商品和食品价格大幅上涨。”


He added that it is also important to plan and execute a strategic shift from the current recovery phase to longer-term reforms for better income opportunities, as well as more inclusive and sustainable socio-economic development for Malaysians.