M'sian labour market continues recovery as unemployment down to 3.7% in 3Q


The labour market continued its recovery at a steady pace in the third quarter of 2022 (3Q2022), with the unemployment rate lowered to 3.7% from 4.7% a year ago, and slowly returning to how it was before the Covid-19 pandemic.

劳动力市场在 2022 年第三季度(3Q2022)继续稳步复苏,失业率从一年前的 4.7% 降至 3.7%,并慢慢恢复到之前的水平Covid-19 大流行。


In a statement on 17th November, the Department of Statistics Malaysia said that in line with this, the number of unemployed persons decreased by 18% to 611,800 persons, from 746,200 recorded in the same quarter last year.

马来西亚统计局在11 月 17 日的一份声明中表示,与此相符,失业人数从去年同期的 746,200 人减少 18% 至 611,800 人。


“In terms of labour supply in 3Q2022, the number of employed persons rose by 3.6% to 15.83 million against the same quarter of the preceding year, which recorded 15.70 million persons.

在 2022 年第三季度的劳动力供应方面,就业人数比去年同期的 1570 万人增长了 3.6% 至 1583 万人。


“Higher employment growth than the decline in unemployment led to the number in the labour force to increase by 2.6% to 16.44 million persons in the [latest] quarter. Hence, the labour force participation rate strengthened further by 1.1 percentage points to 69.4% (3Q2021: 68.3%),” it said.

就业增长高于失业率下降,导致[最新]季度劳动力人数增加 2.6%,达到 1644 万人。因此,劳动力参与率进一步提高 1.1 个百分点至 69.4%(2021 年第 3 季度:68.3%)。”


Chief Statistician Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Uzir Mahidin said that in 3Q2022, the country’s transition to the endemic phase of Covid-19 allowed Malaysians to return to near-normal life, after two years of battling the pandemic.

首席统计师 Datuk Seri Mohd Uzir Mahidin 博士表示,在 2022 年第三季度,该国向 Covid-19 流行阶段的过渡使马来西亚人在与大流行病抗争两年后恢复了接近正常的生活。


“The economy continued to strengthen by 14.2% this quarter, after posting a growth of 8.9% in the previous quarter. Subsequently, employment continued to register a higher year-on-year increase, while unemployment eased, following the recovery of demand for labour by the economic sector,” he said.

在上一季度增长 8.9% 之后,本季度经济继续增长 14.2%。随后,随着经济部门对劳动力需求的复苏,就业继续录得更高的同比增幅,而失业率有所下降,”他说。


As for the underemployment situation, he said that with the strengthening of domestic demand throughout 3Q2022, the number of persons working less than 30 hours per week continued to trend down, with a decline of 38.2% from the same quarter in 2021 to 287,200 persons (3Q2021: 464,600).

至于就业不足情况,他表示,随着整个3Q2022内需走强,每周工作30小时以下的人数继续呈下降趋势,较2021年同季减少38.2%至287,200人( 2021 年第三季度:464,600)。


On the performance of labour demand, Mohd Uzir said total jobs in the economic sector continued to improve by recording a year-on-year increase of 3.2% to 8.68 million jobs (3Q2021: 8.41 million), surpassing the pre-pandemic level.

关于劳动力需求的表现,Mohd Uzir 表示,经济部门的总就业岗位继续改善,同比增长 3.2% 至 868 万个岗位(2021 年第 3 季度:841 万个),超过了大流行前的水平。


“Moving into 4Q2022, economic and social activities continue to normalise, as Malaysia's leading index is anticipating that the economy will continue to uphold its growth momentum.

进入 2022 年第四季度,经济和社会活动继续正常化,因为马来西亚领先指数预计经济将继续保持增长势头。


“Overall labour market performance is also foreseen to sustain its positive momentum and be more resilient, signalling that Malaysia’s labour market is recovering, steered by economic activity,” he said.



However, he said the viewpoint is subject to the various challenges in mitigating the effects of slow growth in the global economy and trade activity, as well as the impact of the flood disaster that may occur, following the expected Northeast Monsoon or monsoon season in Malaysia, which began in early November and is likely to continue until March next year.

不过,他表示,在减轻全球经济和贸易活动增长缓慢的影响以及马来西亚预期的东北季风或季风季节之后可能发生的洪水灾害的影响方面,该观点受到各种挑战的影响,从 11 月初开始,很可能会持续到明年 3 月。