Malaysia, Singapore Framework on Cooperation in Digital Economy can be role model for Asean countries — Tengku Zafrul



The Malaysia-Singapore Framework on Cooperation in Digital Economy can be a role model for other Asean countries in preparing their talent, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups for the digital decade.



“Through this collaboration, Malaysia hopes to learn and share best practices that will facilitate talent-building, infrastructure upgrading, and others, whether in the public or private sector,” International Trade and Industry Minister Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Abdul Aziz said on 30th January.

国际贸易和工业部长Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Abdul Aziz130日表示:通过这次合作,马来西亚希望学习和分享最佳实践,以促进人才培养、基础设施升级等,无论是在公共部门还是私营部门。


As for the framework on cooperation in the green economy, he said Malaysia welcomes the collaboration with Singapore on the technical know-how for the regulatory requirements for electric vehicles (EVs), autonomous vehicles and green economy initiatives such as carbon credit, quantifying well-to-wheels and others.



“These would include standardisation of industry guidelines, technical requirements, a code of conduct, laws and regulations, as well as capacity-building programmes,” he told the media in Singapore after the signing ceremony of the Malaysia and Singapore Framework on Cooperation in the Digital Economy and Green Economy.



The signing ceremony was witnessed by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.



“This cooperation framework is a joint initiative between the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Miti) and the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore to increase bilateral cooperation in the field of the digital economy and green economy.



“God willing, this bilateral cooperation in the digital economy and green economy has the potential to drive industrial development in both countries and create more job and business opportunities for Malaysia and Singapore.



“I agree with many of the principles mentioned by Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim in terms of meaningful economic growth. In fact, from the past, I have always shared with the media that economic growth needs to benefit the people as well, in terms of job opportunities and empowering the people to build a good life, not benefiting big companies only,” he said.



This principle also needs to be applied in any bilateral or multilateral agreement, including in terms of the Framework on Cooperation with Singapore in the Green Economy and also the Digital Economy, he added.



“Asean needs strong leadership for the future sustainability of its people. In my opinion, joint cooperation with Singapore in the digital economy and green economy is able to provide such leadership to contribute to the prosperity of Asean in the future,” noted Tengku Zafrul.

东盟需要强有力的领导才能实现其人民未来的可持续发展。在我看来,与新加坡在数字经济和绿色经济方面的联合合作能够发挥这种领导作用,为东盟未来的繁荣做出贡献,”Tengku Zafrul 指出。


Asked about the investment outlook for Malaysia, Tengku Zafrul acknowledged that there was strong competition and there were areas for improvement, especially in industries it wants to focus on.

当被问及马来西亚的投资前景时,Tengku Zafrul 承认竞争激烈,有需要改进的地方,特别是在它想要专注的行业。


According to Miti data released recently, Singapore accounted for the largest value of exports among Asean nations at RM232.57 billion in 2022, followed by Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

根据最近发布的 Miti 数据,新加坡在 2022 年的东盟国家中出口额最高,为 2325.7 亿令吉,其次是泰国、印度尼西亚、越南和菲律宾。


Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia were the top three export destinations in 2022, accounting for 78.3% of Malaysia’s total exports to Asean.



Exports to almost all Asean countries registered a new record high.