Malaysia set to benefit from rising global semicon sales, says analyst

image-20220620101446-1The Southeast Asia semiconductor industry is set to benefit from rising global semiconductor sales.



The Semiconductor Equipment & Materials International (SEMI) president for Southeast Asia Linda Tan said the group remains positive that the semiconductor sector is still set for explosive growth due to its adoption and integration, eclipsing all other sectors.

半导体设备与材料国际 (SEMI) 东南亚总裁 Linda Tan 表示,该集团仍然乐观地认为,由于半导体行业的采用和整合,半导体行业仍将实现爆炸性增长,超过所有其他行业。


She said this in a statement on 15th June in conjunction with SEMICON Southeast Asia 2022 gathering of the semiconductor and microelectronics industry, which will be held later this month in Penang.

她在6 月 15 日与 SEMICON 东南亚 2022 年半导体和微电子行业聚会(将于本月晚些时候在槟城举行)的一份声明中表示了这一点。


Meanwhile, investment and economic analyst Pankaj Kumar said that globally, according to World Semiconductor Trade Statistics, it is estimated that sales will grow 8.8% this year to reach US$601.5 billion and hence, Southeast Asia in general, and Malaysia in particular, is set to benefit from this robust growth.

与此同时,投资和经济分析师 Pankaj Kumar 表示,根据世界半导体贸易统计数据,预计今年全球销售额将增长 8.8%,达到 6015 亿美元,因此整个东南亚,尤其是马来西亚受益于这种强劲的增长。


Pankaj said manufacturers are also building up capacity to meet growing demand and the pandemic has caused a significant setback in growth.

Pankaj 说,制造商也在加强产能以满足不断增长的需求,而大流行已导致增长严重受挫。


He added that growth is basically in all segments, especially in cloud computing, data servers, sensors, and automated solutions, and as Malaysia is the sixth largest exporter of semiconductors and integrated circuits, demand for these products will propel Malaysian-based companies with significant growth over the next few years.



Pankaj said with the growing global demand for semiconductors, not only out of the US and the EU but also out of Asia, in particular from South Korea, Southeast Asia will be a natural choice for many top technology-based companies wanting to secure new supplies.

Pankaj 表示,随着全球对半导体的需求不断增长,不仅来自美国和欧盟,而且来自亚洲,特别是来自韩国,东南亚将成为许多希望获得新供应的顶级技术公司的自然选择.


“Malaysian-based semiconductors’ market players should also build on sustainability for the long-term growth of the industry as with the right ecosystem, market players will have a brighter future as the business model is then built on a solid foundation,” he said.