Focus Dynamics introduces robotic bartender MixoBot


By NST Business - April 8, 2021 @ 12:45pm

KUALA LUMPUR: Focus Dynamics Group Bhd recently unveiled its robotic bartender, MixoBot, as the centrepiece of Lavo, a resto-lounge and wine atelier under the company.

The MixoBot not only aims to be an attraction piece, but also ensures a precise mix of ingredient ratio for a perfect glass of cocktail.

Focus Dynamics aims to add an additional revenue channel to its current business with the leasing of MixoBot to interested restaurants.

The company expects to serve restaurants in key cities throughout Malaysia.


Adoption of MixoBot could greatly increase beverage revenue of a venue by 50 per cent.

Executive director Benson Tay said the MixoBot can be programmed by a professional mixologist within minutes to deliver perfect cocktails every time, without fail.

"Flair bartending has always charmed restaurant patrons and MixoBot aims to do exactly that.

"Customers return drinks to the bar station due to ingredients proportioned that might not suit their taste.

The returned drinks cost money to the bar and we hope the MixoBot is able to help eliminate this problem – not only for us, but for the restaurants MixoBot serve," Tay said in a statement recently.

There are no additional charges when one orders a cocktail mixed by MixoBot in Lavo.

The main feature of MixoBot is its robotic arms that concocts drinks from a selected menu.

With its flexible arm, MixoBot can mix drinks while its movements add a flair of attractiveness to the bar station.

The technology behind MixoBot is aimed at mimicking the human hand while shaking and mixing drinks.

Research has shown that the use of robotics in any industry can generate a return of investment as fast as 36 operating days.

Owning a centrepiece like MixoBot can yield returns within 12 months.

Overall, Malaysia's food and beverage market is poised to generate an estimated RM422.3 million in revenue in 2021.

According to Statista, a provider of market and consumer data, the sector will grow at a rate of 11.08 per cent year-on-year with a target of RM640 million by 2025.