Durian prices expected to double this year



Durian fans, especially those who love premium varieties like Musang King and Black Thorn, will have to deal with an expected 100% price increase during this year’s durian season.

榴莲爱好者,尤其是喜欢猫山王和黑刺等优质品种的榴莲爱好者,将不得不应对今年榴莲季节预期的 100% 价格上涨。


Deputy Agriculture and Food Industry Minister I Datuk Seri Ahmad Hamzah said the price hike was due to a 50% drop in durian production due to weather conditions.

农业和食品工业部副部长Datuk Seri Ahmad Hamzah表示,价格上涨是由于天气条件导致榴莲产量下降了 50%。


"We believe that the rainy season at the end of March to April has impacted the pollination of durian, which impacts the number of fruits.



"We expect this factor will result in a drop of 50% in total production in some states,” he told reporters at the Aidilfitri open house at Pengkalan Umbai here.

“我们预计这一因素将导致某些州的总产量下降 50%,”他在 彭加兰旺梨开斋节开放日对记者说。


Besides weather, increased fertiliser and labour costs have also affected the production of the King of Fruits.



"So far, Penang and Perak have acknowledged the estimated 50% drop in production and even a durian planters association has issued a report that not only prices for Black Thorn and Musang King durians will rise, but also kampung durians as well,” he added.



Prices for the Black Thorn variety are expected to exceed RM100 per kg, while Musang King will be priced around RM60 to RM80 per kg, depending on the grade, compared to RM30 to RM40 per kg previously.

黑刺品种的价格预计将超过每公斤 100 令吉,而猫山王的价格将在每公斤 60 至 80 令吉,具体取决于等级,而之前的价格为每公斤 30 至 40 令吉。


Ahmad explained that the ministry did not cap the price of durians as this depended on production and supply.



He noted that the ministry had also obtained feedback from the Federal Agricultural Marketing Agency (Fama) in Penang and Perak about the estimated price hike in those states.