Azmin Ali: US companies show confidence in Malaysia as investment destination of choice


Companies in the United States are confident that Malaysia is still an investment destination of choice, Senior Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali said.

国际贸易和工业部高级部长Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali说,美国公司相信马来西亚仍然是首选的投资目的地。


"They see Malaysia's potential to continue to thrive in the digital economy, and are ready to help Malaysia strengthen its competitive position at the international level," he said.



Azmin was speaking to Bernama and TV3 journalists on 19th May after concluding a 10-day Trade and Investment Mission (TIM) to the US since 9th May .

Azmin在结束了自 5 月 9 日以来对美国的为期 10 天的贸易和投资访问团(TIM)后,于5月19日与马新社和 TV3 记者交谈。


"The TIM to the US was very successful, we were not only able to hold discussions and highlight the Malaysian government policies to the US administration, but also to hold negotiations and discussions with major US-based companies," he said.

他说:“对美国的 TIM 非常成功,我们不仅能够与美国政府进行讨论和强调马来西亚政府的政策,还可以与美国的主要公司进行谈判和讨论。”


"Malaysia could see the US commitment of not only to bring investments to our country, but also, as a result of the discussions, to build a wider and stronger supply chain among Malaysian small and medium enterprises (SMEs).



“They are also ready to build an ecosystem, and transfer technology and expertise to Malaysian companies.



"This will definitely provide ample space and opportunity for Malaysia to penetrate the global market and increase its competitiveness at the international level," he said.



During the TIM, Azmin met with US Secretary of Commerce Gina M Raimondo and US Trade Representative Ambassador Katherine Tai in Washington DC.

在 TIM 期间,Azmin在华盛顿特区会见了美国商务部长 Gina M Raimondo 和美国贸易代表大使 Katherine Tai。


A Memorandum of Cooperation to ensure the resilience of the supply chain was signed between Azmin and Raimondo on 10th May.

Azmin 和 Raimondo 于 5 月 10 日签署了确保供应链弹性的合作备忘录。


Azmin said Malaysia was expected to attract new investments worth RM14.62 billion from the US through the TIM.

Azmin表示,预计马来西亚将通过 TIM 从美国吸引价值 146.2 亿令吉的新投资。


Azmin took a tour of several American multinational corporations, including Starlink, a high-speed, low-latency broadband internet provider operated by Elon Musk's aerospace company SpaceX, Amazon Web Services Inc, and Microsoft Corporation.

Azmin参观了几家美国跨国公司,其中包括由埃隆马斯克的航空航天公司 SpaceX、亚马逊网络服务公司和微软公司运营的高速、低延迟宽带互联网提供商 Starlink。