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Street: 苏州工业园区阳澄环路199号音昱水中天
Company Profile: A sanctuary for the mind, body and soul, SANGHA Retreat is redefining the intersection of modern science and ancient healing wisdoms, to provide a holistic, impactful wellness experience on the serene peninsula overlooking Yangcheng Lake in Suzhou. The retreat encourages guests to become fully immersed in their personal wellbeing evolution, through individually curated programs addressing the six key habits of life: eating, breathing, sleeping, movement, thinking and awareness. 音昱水中天是位于苏州阳澄湖半岛的一处大型的身心灵养生憩所,以融贯东方智慧与西方科学的正念生活体系,提供全新的综合健康体验。音昱水中天旨在引导宾客通过“饮食、呼吸、睡眠、运动、意识、思维”六个生活习惯的正念修习,浸悟身心共养,提升内在觉知。