Prodigy Music

Prodigy Music

Valid Till
31st December 2022

Prodigy Music will provide a discount of 15% based on original price to active members of MayCham China who participate the 48+ course in the Institute. Also they will provide a complimentary music starter package consisting of 2 lessons + a gift (total value RMB 888) to the Members of MayCham China.

思佳童音乐中心向报名其课程的中国马来西亚商会有效会员提供原价基础上15%的折扣(仅适用于48节课时以上课程)。同时,中国马来西亚商会会员可享受价值888元的音乐课程套餐大礼包(1节音乐测评加活动课 + 1节音乐启蒙课 + 一个精美奥尔夫乐器)



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